Delicious local: Brabant Wall Asparagus

Rianne and Kees run their farm on the Putseweg in Ossendrecht. Meanwhile, they have been growing asparagus in the surrounding fields for almost 40 years. Right on the Brabantse Wal, which runs along the border of West Brabant, Zeeland and Flanders. Across Steenbergen, the north of Bergen op Zoom, the southwest of Roosendaal and Woensdrecht.

In the past, Rianne and Kees also had their own beef cattle and a tree nursery. In March 2018, they started their extensive farm shop. Now they sell everything from appetizer to dessert at the asparagus farm.

The white gold itself is available from approximately mid-April until 24 June. Brabant Wal asparagus clearly distinguishes itself in taste from the other varieties. This is thanks to the combination of the pure groundwater of the Kalmthoutse Heide and the salty sea air of Zeeland. No wonder that these super tasty asparagus were included in the list of European Recognised Regional Products in early 2016.

Apart from the traditional recipes - such as asparagus with smoked salmon and asparagus with Brabantse Wal ham, egg and hollandaise or butter sauce - there are numerous other preparations possible. Be sure to try the surprising recipe on the right.

Kees and Rianne Koolen
Putseweg 46
4641 RS Ossendrecht


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