The High Fens beckon

A stone's throw from our park Le Perron are Les Hautes Fagnes. One of the most pristine areas of nature in the Ardennes and one of the last raised bogs in Europe.

This mysterious high-altitude region extends into the Eifel and offers a pleasant variety of heathlands, sparse grasslands, meadows, forests and many small watercourses.
Do you like to look for the typical flora of this area? Then spot the various orchid species, bell gentian and the special bog fluff.

If you pick a quiet time - at the crack of dawn or near dusk - you might encounterred deer, roe deer, wild boar, lynx or grouse.

Your backpack packed and ready for adventure?

The High Fens is a protected nature preserve that you can't just cross. There is, however, a large network of hiking trails. These run partly on asphalted roads and partly on wooden boardwalks that protect the peat.

These mapped walks vary in length and difficulty. So you can choose from short, easy, long and spicy. Something for everyone. Both experienced hikers who enjoy a challenge and families with small children will find their thing here. Do you like to make it a more educational hike? Then take one of the special learning trails.

Les Hautes Fagnes are divided into four zones

Zone A is free for hikers. In Zone B, you may only step on marked trails. For a trip through zone C, a guide must accompany you. Zone D is off limits. Do you encounter a red flag along the way? Then continuing along another path is the order of the day.

Picking a hike in advance?



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