Our grand plans with mini houses

Today they are hype. For years we have been researching which tiny houses are best suited for Athena and how and where best to place them. Sustainability, experience and integration into the natural environment are paramount.

Our very first mini-house was installed at Athena Ossendrecht in May. In this charming and particularly sustainable Wraphouse provides additional office space, so we are even closer to our guests and our parks. Soon we will offer tiny houses as private vacation homes for naturists, in the future we will also rent them out.

Tiny living: simpler, more natural, more social

To get around the restrictive laws surrounding the minimum size of homes, people came up with the idea of building the structures on trailers. Thus was born the Tiny house movement. It landed in 2015 in the Netherlands and was immediately received enthusiastically.

The movement responds to the desire to live free of ballast and in harmony with nature. So it is more than just living, it is a complete lifestyle.

A simpler, more conscious life automatically brings a smaller carbon footprint. Less stuff and fewer distractions means more time for what really matters and more focus on your true passion.

Living in a mini home also makes it easier to go out and make contacts faster. More and more people need a solid social fabric in these digital and self-centered times. A tiny house gives enough independence and privacy but also invites you to form a caring community and to share things and services with each other.

Why tiny houses at our parks?

The philosophy of tiny living fits perfectly with Athena and our naturist vision and mission. After placing mobile homes, tiny houses are a logical next step. Although you cannot actually live in our parks, an ecological tiny house can become your place to unwind, enjoy nature, recharge and meet new friends.

Tiny houses are very nice but you can't and may not just place them. At Athena Ossendrecht it is possible within our current permit and under certain conditions. Soon we will start discussions with the municipalities of Kortenberg and Waimes to see what is possible there.

Wrap house as a valuable and creative solution

After much reading, looking and talking, Wikkelhouse turned out to be our favorite. Because of the construction method, the modularity, the durability but most of all the effect inside.

With one or two facades entirely in glass, the organic shapes and lots of wood, you are bathed in light and get an instant feeling of relaxation.

Design and development is done by Fiction Factory, an Amsterdam-based company full of creative minds and handy hands.

The design is groundbreaking. Around a mold in the shape of a house, 24 layers of cardboard are wrapped and glued together. Around this comes a waterproof foil. Inside and outside are finished with wood. The result looks fantastic and is as durable as sustainable as can be. Only renewable materials are used in the construction of a Wrap House and the CO-emissions is kept as low as possible. This tiny house is already three times more sustainable than a traditional home, and they continue to improve it.

Wraphouse is made entirely from sustainable materials and is well on its way to becoming 100% biodegradable.

These mini houses last an incredibly long time. Wraphouse is a lightweight, so it does not need a foundation. Thus, it can be easily placed and moved as a mobile vacation home. The modular concept consists of segments of five square meters that easily connect together. So you determine the size yourself.

On Saturday, August 19, we will organize a viewing day at Athena Ossendrecht.

Interested in a Tiny house at Athena? Come explore.
We'll hold open houses in our two Wrap Houses and you'll learn all about placing your own sustainable vacation home on our parks.

You are welcome from 10 a.m. to noon or 2 to 4 p.m.

Please do register in advance at info@naturisme-athena.org.


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