Delicious local: Ground ivy

Chicory, the pride of Flemish Brabant and especially in the neighbourhood of Helios you will find a lot of growers of ground chicory.

Rita and Luc, are the fourth generation in the Salens family to run the family farm. They started in the centre of Kortenberg, in the Engelenstraat, with a combination of arable farming, beef cattle and soil cultivation. The combination of arable farming-sheep cattle-soil leaves turned out to be a bit much, therefore they reduced and stopped the branch of beef cattle since 2016. Since October 2016 they have moved to a new branch in Erps-Kwerps. Here we fully focus on ground wheat cattle and arable farming. Also our farm shop has moved with us, which in December 2017 counts 25 years. In our farm shop we offer the freshest products every day. We can also provide you with filled baskets of fruit, vegetables or both.


Soil leaves at U farm shop Luc & Rita Salens - Van der Elst
Vosseputten 10
3071 Erps-Kwerps


Athena June 08, 2023

We recruit to ...

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Athena June 05, 2023

Open Day ATHENA Sunday, June 11

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Athena May 15, 2023

Opening Wellness Athena Ossendrecht

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Ascension and Volley weekends at Athena Ossendrecht

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A carefree summer on the way

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Surprising cycling in two provinces

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Athena March 21, 2023

Athena magazine spring 2023

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Athena Ossendrecht March 18, 2023

Easter treasure hunt and pole brunch April 9

Easter Scavenger Hunt Will you come along to search for the eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny? Find the hidden eggs and solve the puzzle [...]

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Athena Helios March 02, 2023

Apitherapy on Athena Helios

Luigi Dumitrascu and his wife Mihaela are from Romania. They are great nature lovers and bee fans. They were so [...] last year.

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