Just Married Band 2x live at Athena

On July 22, 'Just Married Band' will be on stage at ATHENA Helios and on July 23 they will play their only concert in the Netherlands at Athena Ossendrecht.

Just Married Band is the pop folk duo from Mâcon (France) and consists of lovers Céline and Jérémy.

The duo was formed on the occasion of their wedding.


"The pop-folk duo of traveling lovers"


With a distinct taste for Tarantino movie soundtracks and a contemporary pop/folk repertoire reworked in a western guiguette style, the pair of musicians will take you on a journey full of surprises.

Jérémy on guitar, sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric, also equipped with an elaborate electronic drum system, makes heads shake and bodies tremble to tunes the pair has carefully selected.

Céline's authentic and distinctive voice carries you away, shakes you up and leaves you with sweet memories.
Their commitment and joyful silliness make a performance endearing and addictive.



Being naturists for many years, it is quite normal for them to play concerts in naturist places.

They share the values of self-respect, respect for others and the environment, and, of course, nudity.

The performance is the same as a classical concert, but naked.



Check our calendar for more info


-Concert is FREE

-Day admission members: 6 €

-Day admission non-members: 9 €.




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