Blootkompas 2022 Athena Helios awarded best association site is the official location finder of NFN (Naturisten Federatie Nederland). Beginners and novices can find their way to the best places for a carefree holiday or a relaxing day out. The best rated campsites, club grounds, nude beaches, saunas and accommodations are annually rewarded with Blootkompas! Awards. Bustling Athena Helios is clearly on the rise in terms of popularity.

Second last year and winner this year. Yes! Yes! Oui! A nice recognition for the hard work, creativity and kindness of owners Melody and Vianney and all the enthusiastic volunteers who help make Helios a little paradise. High time to get some live reviews on their own terrain. Here we go!

"Yes, this is life."

"We got to know this area through a website. We were looking for a naturist place where our dog Angel could come along. We liked Helios so much on that first day that we went straight to see it when Melody said there was a caravan for sale. We said yes, one of our best decisions ever. When we came back to arrange everything, it was raining cats and dogs. But the warm feeling remained. Melody and Vianney and their lovely children played a big part in that. We also quickly got on well with our opposite neighbours Davy and Gunter. Meanwhile, we invested in a new caravan with a luxurious winterproof awning and we 'live' next door to them. We were allowed to remove the partition between our plots and now share our gardens. Brunch, aperitifs, sunbathing, swimming... Yes, this is the life.

Carlos and Wim


"Our second home".

"We live fifteen minutes from here, but this is our second home. We find peace here and the children love being here. The playground, the swimming pool, the vegetable garden, the large communal barbecue. All assets. And Vianney and Melody of course, who are very approachable and close to their guests. At Helios, people spontaneously take care of each other and of the grounds. There are many hands that together make a lot possible. Age, orientation, language ... it all plays no role. We have friends here who feel like family."

Caroline and Bert, mum and dad of Tille, Brick and Nette


"Fun parties with chips and stuff."

"We are moving to another caravan, back with a bunk bed but closer to the playground. We like to play billiards in the clubhouse. The parties are fun, because there are lots of chips. Halloween is the best, especially with the pumpkin soup with spider balls. We are free here. You walk around naked and nobody laughs at you. Unless you make a joke.

Tille and Brick, one of Caroline and Bert's daughters and son


"Freedom and respect."

"We are Liège people. Naturism means freedom and respect to us. And that is exactly what we find at Athena Helios. We call it 'our little paradise'. So we do not worry about that hour's drive, because here it is always holiday. Walking, cycling or just catching up with friends, lovely. We like to help out during the working weekends, even though we are not 'regulars'. After all, such a beautiful site has to be well maintained. In July last year, with the big floods here, we could take a breather here. When we sat down on the terrace, we heard people talking about the disaster in their neighbourhood. They turned out to live five kilometres from us ... Meanwhile, we are also friends and see each other regularly."

Chantale and André

"There is room for your own input here, which is very nice."

"As sauna-lovers, we tried a nude beach on holiday in Spain. This was followed by a naturist campsite in France. We had a taste for it and started looking for a place like that closer to home. We did not know Athena, but when we discovered Helios, a new world opened up for us. There are so many fun activities here: shows, dinners, dances... We soon decided to look for our own caravan. I (Isa) now help out behind the bar, I gave line dancing lessons last summer, we organised game afternoons, a pancake bake and a collection of Christmas gift boxes for the underprivileged in the neighbourhood. Here, there is room for your own creative input and that gives dynamism. What we also like is that children can still be children here. They can play outside and get dirty without any worries. A great gift in these times.

Isa and Alain


"We feel welcome."

"We have known Melody and Vianney for a long time, but had not yet made it here. Now we have, for a week and we are lucky with the weather! It's great here in and around the safari tent. We had no camping experience but in this comfortable way we like it very much. Great atmosphere too. We feel welcome and meet nice people. So glad that we discovered naturism seven years ago and dared to do so. It has brought us so much, especially self-confidence. We feel much better now than we did before.

Laurence and Axel


"A pleasant and lively place."

"Almost 25 years ago, I saw the film 'Vivre nu - A la recherche du paradis perdu' on TF1. It made an impression, yet it was not until 2014 that I took up naturism myself. I immediately experienced joy and liberation. Nobody staring at you. In the meantime, I have become a manager at Natmur, a great naturist resort, but without accommodation. I take care of the administration and bookkeeping. I already stayed at Le Perron and every now and then I come to Helios for a day or an evening. Vianney and Melody and the volunteers make this a pleasant and lively place. Yesterday was the opening night of the camping season. Ambiance therefore. Laurence and Axel were so kind to offer me a bed in 'their' safari tent. I have been wanting to spend more time here, during the weekend and in the holidays. I just went to look at a caravan that is available and I came to an agreement with the owners. Champagne!"



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