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The photo contest we announced via our newsletter in November announced motivated a lot of creative eagle eyes. In no time we received stunning photos of nature views and close-ups of fauna and flora. All taken at our three parks or close by.


From a rolling meadow landscape with a sea of flowers to a charming hollow road in Flemish Brabant. From an almost luminous mushroom to the fascinating flower bud of a wild carrot. From a squirrel nibbling on an acorn to a bluethroat ready for take-off.


The whole thing forms a paean to nature in and around our parks, inviting curiosity and gratitude.


For each category, we selected some photos. You guys decide which photos win and are rewarded with an Athena goodie bag with fun products and eternal fame 😉.

Check out the photos below and cast your vote!
You can vote until April 15


photo: Marc Schouten - curious buzzard
near Athena Ossendrecht

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