Surprising cycling in two provinces

The nice name already gives it away, with the ZeBraroute zuid you connect Zeeland and Brabant in a swift manner. Near Athena Ossendrecht, 43 wonderful kilometers await you.

Yes, the days are getting longer and the sun's rays warmer. Nature is reviving, and so is our desire to ride. Time for a little tour around Athena Ossendrecht. You start about five kilometers from our park, towards Zeeland. Tip: you can follow the route, or make your tour even more fun by deviating left and right to discover an extra piece of natural beauty.

Exciting spectacle in the Bight of Bath

When you cross the Scheldt-Rhine Canal, you land on a special piece of South Beveland: Reimerswaal or the Land between the two Scheldes. This is Zeeland at its narrowest: a strip between the Oosterschelde and the Westerschelde. With cute villages, wonderfully connected by dikes, fields, meadows and orchards.

Your first fabulous vantage point is the Bight of Bath, where gigantic ships are meticulously making their way to the open sea. Nestle a little further on a bench or just in the grass. With some patience and luck, you'll spot a seal or two.

On to a geological wonder

Cross the land from the Westerschelde to the Oosterschelde and drive through the Rattekaai toward Brabantse Wal. That striking hump is a steep ridge with a height difference of more than twenty meters. An abrupt transition from high-lying sandy soil to low-lying polder clay. Hidden in the depths: layers of soil dating back to the Ice Age. Yep.

Above you enjoy beauty all the way to the horizon. On the way down, you see trenches from World War II. Below, the beautiful polder awaits. Recommended: the first viewpoint in Woensdrecht.


Pick up a piece of the cyclocross World Cup

Now head towards Hoogerheide, recently featured extensively during the cyclocross World Cup. On the way to Calfven you will find a viewpoint with a panorama table. Also worth a pit stop.

Then you pass through nature reserve the Noordpolder. The transitions of high and low, dry and wet, sand and clay create a unique landscape with special plants and animals. Many meadow birds breed there. Numerous pools are a paradise for dragonflies and amphibians. Chances are that you will also spot a marsh harrier, a roe deer or a grazing barnacle goose. In this season, the colors of the kingcup, the true cuckoo and the butterflies are a feast for the eyes.

And there is Ossendrecht again. Settle down on our terrace on De Baar or take a refreshing sauna in our renovated wellness.

external link: ZeBra route


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