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Viewing Day Wrap House

Come to the viewing days and discover Wikkelhouse

On Saturday, May 18, you can come discover Wikkelhouse at Athena Ossendrecht.

Saturday at 11am and at 2pm we will give a tour and explain to you the concept of Wraphouse.

You can come that day to listen, feel, smell, see, discover and you can come to us with all your questions.

It is helpful that you notify us by email before you attend at (click here).

See you then!

Unable to attend? No problem on Sunday, July 7, we will hold a second viewing day.


Wraphouse are beautiful and particularly sustainable modular homes. With one or two facades entirely in glass, the organic shapes and lots of wood, you are bathed in light and get an instant feeling of relaxation. The design and development is done by Fiction Factory, an Amsterdam-based company full of creative minds and skilled hands.

The design is groundbreaking. Around a mold in the shape of a house, 24 layers of cardboard are wrapped and glued together. Around this comes a waterproof foil. Inside and outside are finished with wood. Only renewable materials are used and the CO-emissions emissions from production are kept as low as possible.

This tiny house is already three times more ecological than a traditional home, and people continue to improve it.

These mini houses last an incredibly long time. Wraphouse is a lightweight, so it does not need a foundation. So it can easily be placed and moved as a mobile vacation home. Thanks to the modules, there are numerous possibilities in terms of design and size.

Find out more about tiny houses on Athena (link)


18/05/2024 - 11:00:00
18/05/2024 - 15:00:00
Athena Ossendrecht