@eendje activities for children Ossendrecht

A summer full of activities for the kids.
From July 23 to 26 and from August 13 to 16 Bruno is coming to teach circus techniques to your kids.


from July 11 to August 21 each:

11am: meet the animation team at the clubhouse
14u: General games/water games

14u: Omnisport: soccer, badminton, ping pong, boot camp ...

14h: cube tournament

17u: reading for 0-6 years
8 pm: evening game for 8+

14h: hunting season, exchange trip
16h: children's film
8:30 p.m.: evening walk outside the park (with parents required)

14u: @duck craft up to 8 years old
16u: kids sauna up to 18 years
20u: movie 12+

2 p.m.: Search
8 p.m.: Disco Swimming

mölkytornooi or kubbtornooi or ...



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