A day at Athena to relax and recharge? Great plan!

Visit our parks and take a refreshing dip in the pool. Enjoy various drinks, beers on tap and snacks on the cosy terrace at the bar. With your own lunch or dinner you are welcome at our cosy picnic tables.

In summer, there are regular activities. Children have the time of their lives in the children's pool or swimming pool, the playground and in nature. Our parks are car-free.

With a basic membership you pay 6 euros as an adult instead of 9 euros as a non-member. Children up to 18 years of age accompanied by their parents get free admission. Outside the season - from October to March - a day visit is free for everyone anyway.

As a premium member, you can come as often as you like without paying admission. A season ticket costs 50 euro. The price per family is 90 euro. The season ticket is valid at our 3 parks, so you can discover and experience them all.

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Day tickets 2023

€6 p.p. members
€ 9 p.p. non-members
SUBSCRIPTION PLAN (access all year round)
€ 50 p.p.
90 per family
To be paid on arrival at the reception