Athena magazine spring 2023

Dear Reader,

The first Athena magazine of the year announces spring lustily.

Finally that sunshine again, longer days, the first green buds, delicate blossoms ... They lure you outside for a walk or bike ride in nature.

We already tested out the cool ZeBraroute for you.

We also interviewed our most loyal day-trippers and chatted with the Just Married Band that is touring from Helios to Ossendrecht in July. In this issue, you'll discover even more fun things happening this summer. And we take you exploring the Gorges du Verdon and the Cantal.

The season is in the starting blocks

Our inspiring magazine drops in your mailbox next week.

Athena is the member magazine of the Athena association.
From € 40 per year the whole family becomes a member of Athena. In Belgium and the Netherlands sending of our quarterly magazine is included.


Looking forward to seeing you soon at one of our parks.

Stefan & Thomas.


Athena June 08, 2023

We recruit to ...

For the summer period we are looking for vacation workers, job students, temporary cleaning workers at our 3 parks. And campers who spend their free [...]

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Athena June 05, 2023

Open Day ATHENA Sunday, June 11

"A day of naturist vacation in your own country" Sunday we will again organize our annual Open Day. On Athena that day you can [...]

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Athena May 15, 2023

Opening Wellness Athena Ossendrecht

Thursday our new Wellness opens. The sauna, in a whole new look, got a beautiful panoramic window and the company [...]

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Athena May 01, 2023

Ascension and Volley weekends at Athena Ossendrecht

At Athena Ossendrecht 3 weekends full of fun and sporting activities are coming up. Ascension in the sign of Wellness, Pentecost [...]

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Athena April 03, 2023

A carefree summer on the way

Oh, how we look forward to those warm months ... Here you can discover in advance what's happening in July and August [...].

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Athena Ossendrecht March 31, 2023

Surprising cycling in two provinces

The fun name already gives it away, with the ZeBraroute south, you connect Zeeland and Brabant swiftly. Near [...]

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Athena Ossendrecht March 18, 2023

Easter treasure hunt and pole brunch April 9

Easter Scavenger Hunt Will you come along to search for the eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny? Find the hidden eggs and solve the puzzle [...]

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Athena Helios March 02, 2023

Apitherapy on Athena Helios

Luigi Dumitrascu and his wife Mihaela are from Romania. They are great nature lovers and bee fans. They were so [...] last year.

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Athena Feb. 02, 2023

Your Athena membership card is coming soon

Early next week, if you have also paid the federation fee, you will be sent Athena membership card. You can [...]

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